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Grönska is a young, Swedish tech-company developing technology for vertical farming. We use our technology to grow vegetables and herbs close to the city. Vertical farming is based on the use of LED lighting and hydroponic watering systems. This method allows us to grow food indoors, locally and all year round. The reason we do this is to offer a sustainable, locally grown alternative to imported food and to enable more self-sufficient cities. Read more about Grönska here


What we grow

Grönska produces and delivers locally grown vegetables and herbs all over Stockholm. Find out more about the tasty things we grow and where you can find them!

how we grow

Since 2014 Grönska has developed technology for vertical farming based on LED-lighting and hydroponic watering systems. Learn more about how we grow using space efficiently, independent of climate, all year round!

Why we grow

We have a vision of a more sustainable food production system. Growing food without the use of pesticides, deforestation and long transports that have a large impact on the environment. Learn more about how you can contribute to the environment by choosing Grönska!

Follow our AI-journey!

Grönska has been awarded funding from Swedens Innovation Agency Vinnova to develop an AI-system for monitoring and analyzing our farming methods. This project is just one part of the constant development that is happening at Grönska right now. Read more press-releases and follow our journey here!


Get to know us!

Read about how Grönska got started and get to know our team.

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