about Grönska

Food grown in the city with focus on quality, environment and tech

Grönska is a young, Swedish tech-company that develops technology for vertical farming, and grows and sells vegetables and herbs. Vertical farming that is based on the use of LED lighting and hydroponic watering systems. This method allows us to grow food indoors, locally and all year round. The reason we do this is to offer a sustainable, locally grown alternative to imported food and to enable more self-sufficient cities. Read more about Grönska here

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our technology - vertical farming

Replicating nature - indoors

Grönska is an end-to-end company meaning we develop our own growing systems, and grow food. So we are both a technology development and farming company in one. Over the years we have amassed knowledge on vertical farming and are now able to replicate the best growing conditions for plants - indoors instead of outdoors. Growing indoors equals growing all year round. Highly beneficial in sun deprived countries such as Sweden.

This type of farming is conducted in shelf systems with LED lighting and hydroponic watering systems. By growing food in shelf systems space can be used efficiently hence farming can be conducted in urban areas where space is commonly scarce and costly.  Curious about vertical farming and its benefits? Read more here.

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grönska's vision

We believe in sustainable food production

We do this because we are passionate and believe in new ways of producing and consuming food. One third of each household's emissions are caused by food consumption. At the same time the population is growing and 2/3 of the world's population is expected to live in cities by 2050. Obviously this puts pressure on the food system and a great need on finding new ways to produce food sustainably. Grönska is part of the solution, and our vision is to make cities more self-sufficient, both to improve food security and nature's recovery. Learn more about how you contribute to the environment by choosing Grönska!






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