Technology development for vertical farming

We grow vegetables and herbs with an innovative growing system that allows us to grow indoors, year round. By growing in stacks, surface area and volume are used efficiently. 

The method is called vertical farming and is based on the use of LED-lighting and hydroponic watering system. The LED:s give our plants the light they need and by standing in a nutrient solution they are watered from underneath. No pesticides are used, thanks to the controlled environment. 

Technology is part of Grönska’s DNA, and since day one we have developed our own growing systems, light recipes and water systems. Through continuous tests during four years we have developed solid and cost efficient systems that we use for our own production. Our latest focus has been development of automation for large scale indoor farming, and our work continues. The vertical farming industry is in its infancy, and we see huge potential for technological development within the field.

Growing technology.jpeg

GrowOff - vertical farming in stores and restaurants

Our core business focuses on large scale indoor farming, but we have also developed smaller growing systems adapted for grocery stores. This concept has been named GrowOff by Grönska. Just like bake off - but instead of baking bread you can grow plants.

In 2018 Grönska initiated a collaboration with Coop, one of Sweden’s largest food chains, regarding GrowOff. Two Coop stores have gotten GrowOff:s installed as a test, with the possibility of spreading GrowOff:s to more Coop locations.