We grow and sell vegetables and herbs

Grönska offers locally grown vegetables and herbs. We grow with an innovative growing system that enables us to grow indoors and year round. The purpose is to offer a sustainable, locally grown alternative to imported food. 

Grönska Basilika Vertikal Stadsodling

we are driven by a vision of a more sustainable food consumption

Grönska's vision is to offer locally grown food to inhabitants of Swedish cities, and in the longer run of Nordic cities, Europe and the globe. Our vision is to grow food in urban areas to synergize with the existing infrastructure of the city. 

We are passionate about sustainability and truly believe in new ways of producing and consuming food. Food production has huge impact on the environment as many of us are aware. The planet's resources are becoming scarcer every day and the population is growing. The time has come for new and effective growing methods that allow us to feed more people in a sustainable way.


it all started in a basement in the south of stockholm

When high school friends Petter and Robin read about a Japanese vertical farm in an article in 2014 they instantly became inspired by this new growing method and started developing their own vertical farming system.

Natalie was in New York during the summer of 2013 and discovered urban farming - and a new interest was born. This interest led to a Master's thesis on the values of urban farming and a goal of becoming a vertical farmer.

Through mutual friends Sara and Tobias the trio Petter, Robin and Natalie were brought together in early 2016. Since 2016 the Co-founders of Grönska have worked intensively on developing Sweden’s leading vertical farming company.


Grönska became the happy winner of the entrepreneurial competition Venture Cup in the category Energy and Environment in 2016


The team


Petter Olsson
Co-founder and Head of growing


Natalie de Brun Skantz
Co-founder and CFO/CMO

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Robin Lee
Co-founder and CEO


Agnes Ketesdi
Horticultural engineer

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Oscar Hermansson
Business developer


Muhammad Lloyd
Growing technician

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Ömer Duz
Growing technician


Ingrid Lund
Communications and R&D

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Ibrahim Delli Abo
Growing technician


Yanto Egerö
Event Coordinator

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Alexander Veem
Sales and client relationships

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